9 days...the countdown continues

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm here Rhon! So far it's just been us. Where are you ladies at? =)

Ok so yesterday as mentioned, dinner was shredded chicken on a whole wheat bun w/ baked tator tots. I honestly could have done with out the tator tots the more I think about it but I refuse to beat myself up about it. They were baked and not that unhealthy for me so I need to let it go.

After I got off work yesterday the weather was so nice I just couldn't bring myself to go to the gym and be indoors so I went on a power walk with Jannette for about 40 minutes. It was nice to be out in the fresh air while getting in some exercise.

Again I fully intended to get up this morning to hit the gym but once again my body felt otherwise. It's so frustrating when you want to do something but your body just wont allow it. So I ended up not making it to work out this morning and unfortunately I won't be able to this evening as I'm going to dinner & a movie with some friends. However, I think I'll take a cue out of Rhonda's book and do some lunges and squats before bed. SOMETHING is definitely better than nothing at all! I'm also up for some sort of workout/walk/whatever tomorrow with you ladies if anyone is up for it!

Ok so today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal & black coffee
Lunch - BBQ'd carne asada & brown rice from yesterday
Dinner - going to Chili's but will pick something from their healthy "guiltless" menu

I have a ton of healthy snacks today to keep me from feeling hungry and in turn from eating bad food.

Snacks are - string cheese, nectarine, Fiber One bar & pretzel chips w/ Eating Right Roasted Red Pepper hummus (YUM!)

WooHoo! 9 days to go! I'm getting antsy! =)


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