Vegas Aftermath Part 2! (Nice title Leese!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

aaahhhhh what a FABULOUS time our Las Vegas trip was! SO much fun. Lots of great laughs, FOOD and DRINKS! Getting on the scale on Monday was difficult, but it needed to be done... The result? As expected, about 3 lbs of damage! Worth it though! Now the challenge is getting it OFF!!!!! I weighed myself again this morning and there was NO change so it is being quite stubborn! It is annoying that it goes on so easily and it is SO hard to get off. NOT fair :(

I am trying to stay focused though, and I am not allowing myself to be discouraged. Food yesterday was:

breakfast: 2 waffles
lunchChicken pozole with cabbage, radish, onions and lemon
baby yogurt and 80 calorie granola bar for a snack
dinner: burger patty (no bun) and salad
dessert: fresh raspberries over vanilla ice cream

As far as activity, it has been pretty minimal. I went for a walk with the little one on Monday night but that was it. I am not feeling that great today (a little headache and slight sore throat) but hopefully I am back to normal soon and can get some exercise in this week.

Hope you are all settled in and are ready to keep up your eating and exercise habits as much as possible!!



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