Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hellloooo California Gurls!

Ahhhhh, Vegas is on the horizon and I am trying to stay focused until then! I was shocked this morning, I got on the scale and it was nice, 136. I didn't feel like my weekend was that successful food/exercise wise but obviously I did better than I thought. Went to the zoo on Sunday so I did get in a fair amount of walking and at chicken strips w/ no fries for lunch and 2 carnitas cantina tacos from taco bell (but took a tortilla off of each taco) for dinner.

Yesterday went a little like this:

HALF a bagel thin w/ whipped cream cheese
canteloupe (I have no idea how to spell that)
Lunch: green salad with grilled chicken/tomatoes/cucumbers/red onion
snack: pretezels
Dinner: 2 bites of a salmon burger patty (no bun) and later on had some chocolate covered almonds lmao :) Not the best dinner I agree. By the time I cooked it and was going to try and figure out some sort of side I wasnt that hungry anymore, the baby was getting annoyed so we took off for a ride in her new car! She was happy and it was good for my diet I guess! I honestly wasn't hungry because i was so busy so I took advantage of it.

I did do a couple sets of squats last night in addition to our walk.


Half a bagel thin/whipped cream cheese and some canteloupe
Snack: baby yogurt
Lunch will be: salmon burger patty topped w/avocado and a tomatoe/cucumber salad.
Dinner: Not sure yet but something healthy.

I want to try and be at a decent weight before we leave because all hell is going to break loose when we get to Vegas and I am going to let it!!!! LOL! Honestly though, I talked to the husband and told him I wanted to eat whatever (bad) while we are there but I am hoping we can agree on a couple meals (like lunch) so we can split what we get instead of ordering too much and eating too much. We'll see though :)

For activity I usually do my stair workout but I need to run a couple errands at lunch today so I am going to have to pass on that. Definately doing at least a walk with the little boss tonight though and hoping to get in some squats/lunges/situps and finalize packing!

Stay on track girls, we are almost there!



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