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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello my healthy friends!

It's Tuesday and it feels great to be back on track. Thankfully this morning I weighed in 2 lbs lighter than yesterday!!!! Goes to show I indulged a bit too much this weekend but glad I could get back to normal in just a day. But that just puts me back to where I have been maintaining for the last few months- around 138. Yesterday food was good, and I got in some activity last night: 60 squats, 45 switchfoot lunges, 45 push ups, and about 100 situps. It was probably about 20 minutes of workout. With our busy schedule, that is about the average time I have to workout so I need to focus on eating right!

Today's food so far:
SMALL bowl of cereal w/ a handful of chopped strawberries.

For lunch will be a mega salad- lettuce, hardboiled egg, red/green onion, radish, cheese, tomatoes, kidney beans. I am going to toss is will balsamic vinegar and a teeny bit of olive oil. I would MUCH rather have the ranch dressing from the restaurant next door but need to sacrifice on the calories over this week and next. My approach is to load up on veggies and lean protein and try to cut as many calories as I can without being hungry! I DON'T do starving :)

Activity today will be lunch time stair workout (at least 20 minutes) and hopefully I will get in some more work tonight.

Dinner tonight will be grilled steak and veggies (asparagus, peppers and portabella mushrooms). Last night's dinner on the grill was good overall but I have to remind myself that I hate tilapia next time I am fish shopping! Some parts of it freakin' taste like dirt! Not buying it anymore :)

Where is everyone at?!!! Looking forward to hearing from you all!!



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