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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I've been mia the last week or so. Partly because I've been busy at work where I usually do my updates but a lot because I was sooo drained. Last night I didn't get to work out until 9:30!!! but as much as I wanted to fall asleep with the little one, I went downstairs and did cardio X! I had been dreading doing P90 again just cause I know how intense it is and was putting it off and putting it off but let me tell you, I instantly felt so much better after I finished and today too. As far as eating goes, I too had a bad weekend and last week I was at starbucks every day for a 2nd coffee to wake up. This week, I'm staying far away. That's about 120 calories that I won't be consuming every day.
Food yesterday:
Coffee with creamer
My usual 2 waffles with strawberries and lite syrup
Lunch: wrap (cilantro/jalapeno wheat tortilla) with chicken, feta cheese, veggies with hummus spread.
Snack: Pop corn, grapes
Dinner: beef stirfry with veggies.
Snack: Animal Crackers
Ok, so Sunday I wanted to get out of the house so Colby and I went to the Fresh and Easy in Moorpark. Rhonda had told me what a cool store it was and she was right (as usual). They had so many cool things and lots of food that was already preped for a healthy meal. If you haven't yet, check it out!!! The prices were very reasonable. I think I might make it a Sunday ritual to get stuff for the week.
We have swim lessons tonight so I know I will be tired but I hope to do a work out tonight too. So proud of all of you!


RhondaM said...

Yes, Fresh and Easy is GREAT for busy peeps like us that want to eat healthy and incorporate lots of fresh veggies and fruits into our diets. It is soooo easy to get processed/packaged food when time is not abundant, but being able to get fresh stuff that is already washed/prepped makes healty eating fast and easy! Glad you were pleasantly surprised Reese!!

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