Monday, August 2, 2010

Damage this weekend! Damage damage damage! But it was fun :) The social events KILL me. I am fine all week but with bunco and a dinner for my dad's work this weekend, there was just no way of staying on track. If I would have, I would have felt deprived and miserable so I chose to enjoy myself. Oh well, a new day, a new week and time to move on.

Getting down to the nitty gritty with just over a week away from our trip so it is time to get down to business! I am NOT going to cheat this weekend on eating so I am hoping to make a little progress to get back to where I have been successfully maintaing because as you noticed from the beginning of my post, I have done some damage... about 3 lbs worth since last week. I think that after a day or two of getting back on track, I should be back to normal but I am going to have to focus!

On deck for today is oatmeal for breakfast, low-cal veggies for snacking (celery & cucumber/tomatoes) and stacks of lean protein including greek yogurt, (MUCH more protein than regular yogurt but get low/non fat because the regular is loaded with calories), lowfat cottage cheese, and Tilapia/lemon/capers for dinner- no butter!

Not exactly sure what is on the activity agenda just yet for today but I will be doing SOMETHING. Have to!!! My aunt is back from vacation so I will be able to go back to my tue/thurs lunchtime stair workout that I deviated from since I would go visit my little one every day at lunch time.

Stay motivated ladies!!!



LeeseD said...

Ha! I feel ya on the damage! =) But with a week and a half to go I'm sure that will motivate us to work least I hope it will!

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