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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morning Ladies!

It's a new day and another day closer to VEGAS! I tell ya I'm gonna have to have something else to work towards after this trip is over because it's been the main focus right now!

Ok so last night as mentioned, I went to Chili's for dinner. I was good and had the turkey, avocado wrap made "guiltless" with no cheese & low-fat ranch dressing. Plus instead of fries I got the steamed veggies and had an iced tea. It was actually really good and pretty filling so I was pleased with my choice.

Yesterday I really made an effort to have healthy snacks throughout the day and it totally made a difference. It kept me fairly full without leading to overindulgence. And I was good and had NO snacks at the movies. Was very proud of myself for that one!

So here are the planned meals for today:
Breakfast - cereal & black coffee (already ate this)
Snack - string cheese & a banana
Lunch - shredded chicken w/ a little BBQ sauce on a wheat bun, baked Lays & a nectarine
Snack - 11 Pretzel chips (one serving) w/ Eating right Roasted Red Pepper hummus
Dinner - not sure yet but will post later

Gonna miss the gym again today because I have to stop by the vet for my puppy on my way home but I'm hoping to fit in something. If anyone is up for a walk or a workout of some sort this evening let me know!


RhondaM said...

Hey where do you get the eating right hummus? Sounds good- i love hummus!

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