Monday, August 9, 2010

I seriously CAN NOT WAIT! =)

OK so I didn't really post at all during the weekend and I honestly don't have time to do it now. There good moments and bad moments but all in all I wasn't that bad which is a good thing considering it's the weekend right before we go.

Meals for today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal & a cup of black coffee
Lunch - Cold cut combo sub from subway (found out all the cold cut meats are turkey based which made me happier because they're that much healthier that way) & an iced tea
Snack - Fiber One bar
Dinner - not sure yet but something HEALTHY!
Going to the gym after work tonight and then home to pack!

Less than 3 days to go and it is NOT too much to ask that I be strict from here on out! We are going to have a BLAST! Let's go girls!!!!! =)

Ok and check out the below link for an interesting article I read today.



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