Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gonna try to make this short.

Went to the gym yesterday and weighed myself and I am the same. No gains no losses. However, after looking at Reese's pic's from 4th of July I seriously want to cry. That has got to be the worst pic of me I have ever seen IN MY LIFE! Terrible. Everyone I show it to insists I'm not that bad but regardless it really bummed me out. And that's so not what one needs to see right before a planned trip to Vegas where we have cabana status. Soo...I made my mom take a pic of me last night in my new bathing suit so I can see if that's really how I look. I told her if it really look that bad I am going to be sitting in the room while you are all at the cabana. But it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I was skinny but you can tell that there has been progress since that 4th of July pic. However, I MUST try harder beyond this trip because that is not how I would like to look. I know I need to be happy with myself aside from my weight and for the most part I am so the weight is the main thing I need to tackle.

Anyway here are my meals for today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal (and the milk did NOT agree with me this morning =( )
Snack - Nectarine
Lunch - brought some Bidiani (not sure of the spelling of that) that Matthew made but I'm leaning towards picking up a salad from somewhere.
Snack - Fiber One Bar
Dinner - No clue but I'm meeting Jo tonight to do some Vegas shopping and I'm leaning towards another salad.

I refuse to give up just because of a picture. If anything it just motivated me more. So 2 days to go...let's keep up the momentum til Vegas!


RhondaM said...

I am sooooooooo sad that you got bummed out right before we are going on our trip :( BUT I am SO proud of you for your attitude with regard to staying on track and finding motivation to stick to your goal. You have been doing great and making excellent progress so you are moving in the right direction!!!! We all need to motivate eachother after our trip to continue our healthy lifestyle and to continue to make better food/exercise choices.

Let's do this!!!


ReeseS said...

Sorry that picture was posted. When I download to facebook the picture icons are super small so I didn't even notice but I do think that the picture was so unflattering because of your dress and the angle you were seated. Don't let that get you down and it's no longer on facebook as you know. You are doing great and should be proud and I would have been mad if you stayed in the room while we were in the cabana! sorry again!

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