Day 2 of back on the saddle!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Morning laides.... helllooo is anyone out there.... am I posting and talking to myself =) lolol

Ha, ok it's Thursday and day two of being back on the saddle... It is a slow start but it is a START! =)

Yesterday was a day of good eating, unfortunalty no working out. But at least 1/2 of the challange was met.

Coffee w/ creamer, forgot to grab something to eat so had a plate of fruit at mtg.

BBQ chicken (didn't eat the skin), two pieces of tri tip, salad with a little bit of ranch, small spoonfull of chili beans good protien and WATER

Filet miglon, pasta roni small and water

Late night snack:
Fruit bar - sooo yummy

I really wanted to go for a run last night but Aliyah begged me to do a puzzle with her instead. =) how could I say no? =) I should have gotten up and done a work out video but didn't do that either... =) sooo on tonights agenda, either running or a work out video. I think Running will be the choice. I started yesterday but going to be gong-ho starting Monday since that is the rythm of the work out plan!!!

Laura how was your first day??? Ok ladies lets get back on track!!! WE are stronger together and we know it works!!! No excuses!!!


LeeseD said...

I back with ya Ang! =) So good to have you on here with me! It's so inspiring reading what everyone else writes! =) LOVE YOU!

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