Thursday, August 5, 2010

OK gals it's really crunch time! One week to go! We can do this!

Ok so yesterday I switched it up a bit.
For lunch I ended up going to Urban Cafe w/ Kayla. I had the pesto & sundried tomato sandwich but instead of tomatoes asked for bell peppers and an iced tea.
Dinner was chicken salad w/ light mayo on whole wheat bread, a couple baked Lays & water.

Went for a long power walk w/ Jannette...about 50 min. I know it's just walking but my calves hurt today so I know it was still a workout.

Today's meals:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal
Snack - Fiber One Bar
Lunch - will prob be my leftover shredded chicken on whole wheat bun from yesterday unless I can think of a cheap healthy option I can go pick up.
Snack - 11 Pretzel chips & Eating Right hummus (did you find it Rhoni?)
Dinner - not sure at all since my mom & Matthew have their church home group tonight but I might just pick up Subway.

We're almost there!!!!!!!!!


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