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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good morning my friends!!!

Hope you all are doing great and had a nice weekend and didn't sweat to much from this dang heat... YIKES it's hot.

Ok sooo for the title of my post! I am GROSS ... Seriously... GROSS...I stepped on the scale today and wanted to die.... it has gone up WAY to much since Vegas... and really the only excuse I have is, that I am LAZY. It isn't that I needed to splurge, or that I am too busy, or that I have hurt myself, it is just plain out LAZINESS!!!

Well that's it... it ends today. My clothes aren't fitting me, I do not like what I see in the mirror, I don't like not having energy, and for the first time in MONTHS I am getting a cold. =(

So I am hitting it hard again. This morning I weighed in, and I am set for the P90X nutrition guide again. Rod is scheduled to bein Lancaster all week so I have all the time to get my butt up and work out everynight!

This morning:
Breakfast - 6 egg whites (no butter, Pam) with 2 pieces of sandwich ham mixed in. maybe 6 oz of cottage cheese with a couple of garlic triskets, and coffee with creamer.
Snack - on the menu - protein bar & recovery drink
Lunch - on the menu - chef salad - so i will grab a salad from Toppers or Urban cafe didn't have time to make one.
Dinner - on the menu - Salmon, but no me guesta cooked salmon so since it is just Aliyah and I, we will have Tuna Helper!! =) I bought it cause it looked good, so we are going to try it.

Work out plan for tonight. Going to get a the P90X work out in set for today, I think it is arms and back or something like that... BUT while aliyah is at soccer, I think I am going to walk the field, no need for me to just sit there playing on my phone when I can be doing something better for myself!

Miss you girls, we are all super busy but all want the same thing... Lets get healthy together!


LeeseD said...

So how did you like the Tuna Helper? I LOVE it but haven't had it in ages! =)
Good job getting back on track Ang! It's hard but just keep going back to it when you can. Lord knows I slack off but I keep trying to take it day by day.

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