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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Already starting to feel better!!!

Ok no joking around, this cold is not going to stop me either. Since being on track since Monday, I am feeling better...

Recap of food this week:

Monday went as planned:
Lunch - Caprese salad w/ a tad of ranch dressing from Urban, only 1/2 of the bread they give you.
Snack - didn't have one
Dinner - Tuna helper as planned, only a small bowl, not sure how bad that is for you... but it wasn't fried or processed... so it was a good meal.

Then followed up my day with a P90X work out!!! woo hoo The first one in about say, over a month in a 1/2 =( yikes... I did Chest and back and part of the Ab Ripper, and lets say today I am still FREAKIN SORE...

Tuesday went as planned too:
Breakfast - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage patties on 1 english muffin w/ lowfat motz. cheese
Snack - 1/2 protein bar
Lunch - BBQ chopped Tri tip salad from Wood Ranch w/ 1 1/2 pieces of their yummy bread
Dinner - Baked breaded chix strips chopped into a salad with a tad of ranch

Before dinner right after work I went for a 3.05 run in VTA... ahhh was so nice, but hot still but trying to sweat away this cold. It felt so good to get out there..

Wednesday, going as planned:
Breakfast - Coffee w/ creamer, 6 egg whites w/ turkey and low fat motz cheese
Snack - 1/2 protein bar
Lunch - going to SUMO SUSHI gg to get the Ultimate Salmon Roll and some edamane
Dinner - NOT sure whats on the meeting since I have soccer and a parents mtg tonight....

Probably won't get a work out in today but I did go on a 20 mins walk today with a co-worker so that helped...

I am feeling really good about being on a schedule again, and would love to chat with my girls about what you all are doing too...


Ang said...

ha... forgot to right MILE after my 3.05 run.. =)

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