October can't come fast enough...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Ladies! Not in a working mood right now so I thought I would catch up on the blogs and am so proud of you girls for working out and eating good! I was motivated when I read them but I don't know that I will be working out any time soon. There is so much going on and my time at home is consumed with packing, spending time with Colby, cleaning etc. I want to make a fresh start in October and get back to business. I figured I would be (hopefully) settled by then. I already decided I wanted to set my goal to lose 5 lbs that month - just in time for the Lady A GNO!
Though I havent been working out, I am trying to watch what I eat. Started eating my eggs again for breakfast and lunch I have been eating frozen meals. I really don't want to keep eating those but for now it has to do. Today Jenny brought me some SMFCO for lunch so I did splurge on a fish taco and of course chips and salsa. Tonight we are having orange chicken and white rice. Not the best but also better than fast food!!
I really don't like how I'm feeling right now. My jeans are tight and I can just see the damage I've done when I look in the mirror. I'm ready for my fresh start to begin. It's been such a stressful month and I think it's definitley taken it's tole emotionally and physically. I can't wait to get out of this slump and start working hard again!!


LeeseD said...

You can do it Reese! Don't let things stress you out too much. You know you have all of us to help you in any way we can! The Lady A GNO will be a BLAST! =)

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