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Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMG I haven't been on here forever, I suck!!! I need to try and make it a habit, at least every couple of days. I am glad to see my girls on here, I need some motivation and you are just the bunch to give it to me!

Lately I haven't been as strict as I was in the summer, but haven't completely let ALL my good habits go. For example, the other day my mom wanted to go get a burger so not wanting to be negative about her suggestion, I suggested In-N-Out and I opted for the protein burger, iced tea (no sugar) and only splurged on a couple of fries that I stole from the little one :) I have been getting my stair workout at least once a week but to be honest it is only about 15 minutes long. Today is stair workout day and I am going to aim for 20 minuntes. Ariana and I went on a walk last night for about 20 minutes so that was good. I had a mega salad last night for dinner with every vegetable under the sun, topped with shredded chicken. BUT, yesterday we had a potluck @ work so I had a bit of a heavy lunch...

Since I have a hard time executing healthy, EASY meals during the week, I need to get a recipe idea/list together and Lisa I am definately adding the baked corn burritos on to it! What a great idea, and yummy! I figure I can just keep building my list and when I am out of meal ideas in a couple months, I can refer to it and revisit them! With the cooler weather upon us, crock pot meals with protein and veggies will be warm and yummy along with soups! I think we should share simple, healthy options here on our blog for added support of our healthy lifestyle... It is important that we put extra effort into our exercise and eating habits as it gets colder and we lose our motivation as we are covering up with jeans and sweaters instead of tanks and shorts!!

xoxo girls! I've missed you!!


LeeseD said...

Sharing recipes is a GREAT idea Rhon! I know sometimes we run out of things that are healthy to eat and eating the same old thing over and over gets very tiring. We can put out a book! The Sexy Bitches Healthy Cookbook! LOL

RhondaM said...

I LOVE the name of that cookbook!!!!!!!

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