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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ok so it took me some time but I'm back.

After about a month or so off from watching what I eat I'm back in it again. I have to say that since we got back from Vegas I haven't been doing as well as I can. I haven't been doing horrible but I have definitely been letting myself indulge more than I need to. The good thing is that I have been keeping fairly active so my weight has more or less been consistent. No gains/no losses. I haven't been hitting the gym as often as I like but I've been doing different things here and there. I've gone walking at least 3 times a week for the past couple weeks and we've been doing the stupid Peck Rd hill at least once a week if not more. I've played tennis and have been getting in a few sit-ups & push ups from time to time too.

But after I got home from Reno Labor Day weekend I pulled out some old pics and started bummin'. I saw how thin I used to be and got frustrated that I let myself get to where I am now. I know I will never be as thin as I was back in HS because my body has changed as I've gotten older but I know if I work hard I can get close to it and that motivated me to get back with it.

And on Sat night I had a really scary dream. Due to how I sit at work when I type, my left arm tends to go numb and tingly from time to time. Well I don't know if it was just that or the fact that I haven't been watching my food intake but on Sat I had a dream that I went to the Dr to get it checked out and he told me that it was doing that because I have been having mini-strokes. He said that if I have one more I will die and so I had to go telling all of my friends and family how much I loved them and I ended up waking up crying.

So that combined with the old pic's and the fact that I'm planning a trip for Hawaii in April I decided I needed to get my butt in gear. I sat with my mom and we planned out a menu for the week and I'm determined to stick to it. And that means I'll need all the motivation I can get and that's where my girls come in! =) So in an effort to get back into are my meals for the last 2 days:

Breakfast - unfortunately nothing more than a glass of juice because I was running late
Lunch - Salad from home w/ grilled chicken & Crazins w/ light sesame dressing
Dinner - Turkey Sub from Subway, baked chips & an iced tea
Exercise - wasn't able to make it to the gym or get in a walk but I did some dips and squats in my room

Breakfast - a banana & black coffee
Lunch - Same salad from yesterday except w/ a low-fat raspberry Gorgonzola dressing
Dinner - not 100% sure but I'm thinking salmon w/ brown rice
Exercise - either a gym or a walk....or both! =)

I know I can do this ladies! I'm extremely motivated this time. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by April. That's about 7 months and if I stick with it I know I can do it! I just need to take it day by day, meal by meal.

Operation Hawaii bathing suit here I come! =)


ReeseS said...

Yay Leese! So proud of you. You can do it!!!

RhondaM said...

OMG YES you can do it you can do it you can do it! It is completely realistic and what a WONDERFUL motivator as your prize- Hawaii!!!

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