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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yikes where does the time go? It's been almost a week since I last wrote...I think. LOL

Ok so this past weekend. Didn't do too bad but of course...could have been better.
Friday went shopping as usual w/ my mom & grams. Met up with Ang for lunch at SMFCO. I bought some of the Skechers shape ups and boy do they work. They are the ugliest of all the "shape up" shoes out there but by far the most comfortable and like I said...they really do work! Dinner was 2 pieces of pizza and some salad at Bunco plus a few glasses of red wine...oh and a Midori cupcake. =(
Sat went for a walk in the AM and then made myself a couple of eggs w/ turkey sausage & corn tortillas. Went to a BBQ that afternoon and did have a cheeseburger w/ a little pasta salad and Lord knows how many beers. BUT it was at a beach house so walking in the sand to and from the water alone was a bit of a workout.
Sunday woke up and went for a walk and then came home to some yummy Soyrizo w/ eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwich for lunch w/ baked chips and chicken fajitas for dinner.

Monday I did HORRIBLE. I wasn't feeling good and so I left work early. But since I left early I didn't take a lunch and ended up picking up Taco Bell on my way home. And unfortunately Monday was the HOTTEST DAY EVER so no one at my house wanted to cook. Ended up having McDonalds. ARGH! Sooo not good and so not how I'm gonna lose my 50 lbs by April.

Tuesday wasn't the worst but wasn't the best (seems to be the theme for the week). Just had coffee (black) for breakfast because I was out of soy milk so couldn't have my cereal. Lunch was a chicken teriyaki wrap which was yum and iced tea. My grandma invited me over for dinner and we had tacos & rice. Went to the movies as well but I didn't have any snacks so not too bad. No exercising though. =(

Today so far I've just had black coffee because again...I'm out of my soy milk and can't have my cereal. Lunch is going to be Subway and an iced tea. Not sure what dinner will be but I AM going for another walk today after work. I really should get back to the gym but a walk is still exercise and with these shape ups I really feel a difference.

Oh and just FYI ~ I weighed myself over the weekend and am down 2 more lbs. I'm sure I've gained it back since but we'll see. However, my friend/co-worker told me on Monday that I look thinner so something I'm doing is working! Friday I'm going to weigh in again so cross your fingers I haven't gained! I've gotta get back to eating better. Hawaii is only 6.5 months away!


Ang said...

What Hawaii??? When, with who?? How fun... Ok so I am going to be a toughy.... NO EXCUSES LEESE... We can do this... We did it before.. we had a goal... and we can get there... if we keep making EXCUSES then we won't ever get there. My thing is, I don't like the way I feel... so I am doing something about it. Come on love...We can do this! MUAH love you.

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