It's Monday again!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning my girls!!! Hope you all had a great rest of your weekend. Friday Night was soooo much fun! I can't wait till next BUNCO! Ok weekly recap from last week 3/21-3/27: 1. Do P90X 4x - ck!!!! YES I DID IT!!! mon-chest & back, tues-PLYO, Wed-Arms& shldrs, thurs-YOGA!!! ahhh everything felt soo good 2. Run 3 miles 2x - negative... I didn't get any running in. 3. Try new healthy recipe - negative, didn't try anything new 4. Weigh in at 125.6 - CK!!!! I weighed in at 125.6!!! so excited 5. Blog at least 3x - only blogged 2 x's. Sooo I am going to give my self a BIG pat on the back for this past week.. I was soooo pumped about my work outs and my weigh in. I really am doing this. Plus my waist line is feeling and looking a bit slimmer! Last week Food was good ALL week. Friday was good too, tho, maybe I shouldn't have had like 10 mimosa's.=) Sat. I was very good, and Sunday not so great eating but not bad on the calories. This week is going to be a good week. I am now on Week 4 of P90X and will be starting the CORE serious this week. So today I have YOGA X (138 mins), tomorrow CORE synthetics that should be hard and very interesting but I am really excited about just focusing on the CORE. that is my problem area for sure. Today's menu: Brkfst - Non fat lemon cream pie yogurt, 1/8 cup of NUT-trition Omega 3 mix snack - string cheese lunch - Jersey Mikes (Cancer foundation fundraiser today) Dinner - not sure yet??? This weeks GOALS: 1. Do P90X 5x's 2. Weigh in at 124 3. Run 2x's @ least 3 miles 4. Find 8lb weights Jenny it's good to hear from you... Terese, Rhon??? Laura I know you see us!! =) LEESE WHERE ARE YOU??????????? =) Hope you all are having a great MONDAY!!! Keep up all the great work.


Ang said...

Ummm not sure why it posted that way... I had it all spread out... =( boo

Mrs. M said...

Get it....get it, girl!! You're doing great, keep it up. I do check in everyday...I just can't post :( I'm glad we have our Saturday early morning walks in!!

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