Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years my girls!!!!

So excited for 2011, 1. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! 2. It's new year, 3. I am going to get fit again, 4. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! =)

GIRLS I can't believe it! =) So much to look forward to, planning, working out, planning, working out. =)

Ok so like everyone else, I got very comfortable in my winter coat... actually let me take that back... I got comfy making my winter coat... Because lord knows that I am sooooo not comfortable in ANY of my clothes =( really ladies I can not fit into ANY of my jeans. and they aren't tiny jeans either. It is amazing to me, how different my body reacts to bad eating and not working out then it use to. =(

I am on the fence right now for the LA Marathon. Part of me really wants to do it, it would be really great motivation and commitment to my work outs but then part of me just wants to focus on my wedding planning and fitness. so that is to be continued.

I officially started our diet today! Rod is on board, we are going to do a P90X work out later today, then going to go to the store and get some good food to make for the week. If I don't do that I will result in bad eating and that is defeating the point.

I want to fit back into my clothes and really get all my energy back. I have been so lazy and not motivated to do anything. The weather is no longer going to be an excuse either... I always say I can't go running outside cause it is dark, well I have a perfectly good treadmill that works in my back room. PLUS I have a few girlfriends that are willing to go at night too! sooo no more excuses.

I am ready girls!!! Starting P90x and diet today.... So... 30 days I will update my status in weight. Rod took pictures of me today.. YUCK...I was in a pair sleeping shorts this morning that I use to swim in, ahhhh pretty tight now. =(
Rod is back to AV this week =( hopefully this is the last one. but that just tells me I have plenty of time to work. after doing mom stuff...

Here are my stats:

Week 1: January 2 - weighed in 133.4 (the inches are what are killing me)
Breakfast - 5 egg whites w/ mushrooms & motz cheese, 1/2 cup of milk.
Lunch - TBD
Dinner - TBD

I am going to pack a lunch all week, trying to do what is on the P90 menu... Lets do this ladies... we can make this work.

Thanks you all for your support and getting back in the blogging mode!


RhondaM said...

Good girl!!! We can do this!!!!

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