Day 2

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey girls!

Believe it or not...I'm here again for day 2!

Ok I'm going to be totally 100% honest and tell you how horribly I did last night.

So I found out late yesterday afternoon that we were going out to dinner for Nay's birthday to Red Lobster. In the spirit of trying to start a new healthy way of eating I went online to see what my healthy options were for dinner. I settled on the salmon and shrimp with rice pilaf. HOWEVER, when we got there I completely ignored my inner voice and ordered the Coconut Shrimp & Walt's Favorite Shrimp w/ rice pilaf. I also had about 3 of the stinkin garlic cheese biscuits and a Caesar salad. So on the ride home I kept telling myself I was going to do some sit ups and push ups to get SOME sort of exercise in for my lack of will power at dinner. But what did I do? Sat on my butt and played Guitar Hero. LOL UGH! I know I need to do better but at least I'm being honest. I can't completely beat myself up about it. All I can do is take it a meal at a time and try to make better choices with each meal.

So...I'm back on track for today so far.

Breakfast - Whole wheat bagel w/ light cream cheese & water
Morning Snack - 4 Wheat Fig Newtons
Lunch - Turkey sandwich on wheat w/ fat free cheese, baked chips & water
Afternoon snack - 4 Wheat Fig Newtons
Dinner - Ground turkey w/ wheat pasta, peas & sun dried tomato.

I'm also going over to Beth & Jannette's tonight to play the MJ experience & Just Dance which will be my exercise. Something is better than nothing right?


RhondaM said...

I could not help but laugh, that is sooooo funny!!! We all have good intentions but fail at them sometimes, we have ALL been there. ONE meal is not going to set you back all that much but if you did that every night, well that's a different story!!! Don't worry about it! This forum is for us to share the good and the bad!

Ang said...

GREAT Confession miss leese!!! baby steps... yummmo red lobster biscuits... no bueno for the waiste line but sooo yummy I can see how it would have been hard to resist. Now back to the plan. =)

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