I AM BACK... and here to stay!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Good morning ladies!!!

I am super pumped today!!! Today is a new day, a new week, a new me!!!

I was MIA last week just cause I am sooo busy at work right now but that is good. BUT it is not good for my updates and my blogging... =) So.... here is my update and my plan.

When I first logged in again I think my weigh in was 133... Well for the past few weeks I have been really good at eating good through the week, and OK on the weekends... BUT have not been working out. =(* A few walks during the day that have been burning about 85-100 calories.. so that isn't bad. but I need to do more. Well I have been fluctuating between 131-133 since I first weighed in... more on the 133 side tho.

Moving frwd. Rod and I decided to give our plan a jump start and really do the FAT BURNER diet from p90 for at least 30 days... We need a boost and I think this will help. SOOOO last night. I prepared my lunch and breakfast for today, and he got a bunch of stuff to take to AV with him since they are there AGAIN for 3 days. I packed my clothes to go running tonight right after work here in VTA since it will still be light if I just do it here. NO MORE EXCUSES. Then when I get home I am going to vacuum and finish laundry, maybe sweep and mop.... More up and downs.... but the best part of this is that I am really excited about getting out there to run... Get my blood flowin and trim my damn waste line... I am running out of things to wear since none of these bottoms are fitting me. =(

MORE motivation - I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!!!! =) I will leave more update for my wedding email update. =) BUT for my blogging... I need/want to work on my arms and my chest area... I don't feel like it looks very flattering the way my skin/fat sits.. =) And I really want to be amazing looking and feeling. =)

Ok so the plan and goal for today.
1. I changed my BLOG picture to a pic of laura and I standing up, Full Body shot from VEGAS, since at that time I was thinner and feeling really good, Still not as toned as I would like to be but in MUCH better shape then I am in now. I would like to get back to that stage w/in 45 days!!! I can do it!!!
2. This color is one of my colors for the wedding!! =) totally in wedding mode...=)
3. I weighed in this morning at 133.4 =( goal for next weigh in is 130 sched. Wed. 02/02!
4. Run at least 2.5 miles today & eat on my plan, drink 3 liters of water today!

On the menu:
Brkfst - 4 egg whites 1 yoke, 1/4 cup of mushroom, 1/8 cup of motz. cheese cooked in PAM, 12 oz coffee and creamer... doing better on my creamer in take =)
Snack - string cheese
Lunch - HOMEMADE chef salad... water
Dinner - HOMEMADE talapia w/ wild rice... water

I am excited ladies... I am excited to get my energy back, I am excited about becoming a wife, about everything in life!!! =) Lets do this ladies...


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