First HUMP day of 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Morning ladies... ok excited to be posting again... I just caught up on my reading and am up to date on where my girls are at!!! T, Laura, Jen... where you girls be? YES I am calling you out! =)

Ok so my plan on Sunday was not executed to well. lol I did start out good with my healthy breakfast, but then I got cozy on my couch curled up in a ball and next thing I knew I had a blanket on me and I was out like a light... So... that needless to say delayed, postponed, actually cancelled my p90x work out for the day. =) After I work up I really needed to get some stuff done around the house. We lagged so much on laying around we didn't get anything out for dinner.
Plus we didn't have any kids home so we were like what do you want, no what do you want.. =) I had to run to SP to take Aliyah her backpack so... we decided on Taco Bell, not the best thing in the world but hey. OH...
Tim out...
I have this really cool new AP on my phone and it is free!! LOOSE IT. It is sooo awesome I have plugged in what my goal for loosing per week then it tells me to get to that goal along with a goal weight how many calories I am allotted to have everyday!!! FREAKIN LOVE IT...
So back to my Sunday... since I hadn't eaten anything since the healthy breakfast, my 2 beef tacos, bean & cheese burrito, and 1/2 of reg. nachos and small sierra mist, still kept me under then my allotted calories. =)

So Monday came and I am decided to get FREAKING serious. I haven't had time to work out this week, just running all around, but I have been eating sooo good.
morning - coffee, and saltine crackers... forgot my breakfast
lunch- salad with grilled chicken & asada from Snappers (Free, mtg) little bit of jacks sauce, NO CHIPS, NO SODA
dinner - nada... =( i know bad.. I had to deliver some MK to my friend aka Realtor and we started chatting and I didn't get home until like 8 and had to get Aliyah to bed.. But I downed WATER!!!
breakfast - P90x Protein shake, fresh melon, fresh strawberries, coffee with creamer (by the way... I need to start using NO freakin creamer... yikes with the calories)
Lunch - Grilled 1/4 chicken, 2 pieces of tri tip, small spoonful of chilie beans, salad with ranch and 1 small piece of garlic bread (FREE another mtg) NO BROWNIES... NO SODA
1 liter of water
Dinner - 2 pieces of grilled 1/4 chicken, 1 pieces of tri tip, salad with ranch (ha took the left overs from the meeting.) WATER
Breakfast - 2 morning start sausage patties topped w/ low fat motz ch on 1 piece of wheat toast, coffee with creamer came out to 436 calories.... I have 1426 everyday.. which I think is high, trying to keep it around 1200 or 1300!!!
Lunch - another FREE day... another meeting =) on the menu are sandwiches, salad, chips and fruit salad. I am going to AVOID chips... and take the bread off!!! I will keep you posted
Dinner - ahh I don't know it is just me, Aliyah will be eating with her dad, but a chance ROD might be home. I did take a small thing of LEAN hamburger out so I might make that.

Not only am I watching my food intake but my money outtake too.. =) SO this is helping that i am trying not to spend ANYTHING that I don't need to. I need to eat the food in my casa... =)

Ok girls going to head over to my meeting now. I will be online still so i will email you all soon. Love ya!!! Keep up the GREAT work.


RhondaM said...

You freakin crack me up! Time out! I am trying to watch my spending too so getting creative with certain ingredients and be healthy at the same time will be a fun challenge! I will share what I come up with :)

LeeseD said...

LOL...yeah Rhon is right...we all have our moments of weakness but sometimes they're needed and worth it. Although in my case I don't think it was needed quite so soon but it was a special occasion so what can I say? =)

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