Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey Everyone...long time, no see!!

I know, I know it HAS been a while but now that we ALL have some big events to attend this year it's time to really jump back on the wagon!! I've done pretty well thus far:

3 Donut Holes-Breakfast
Terriyaki Chicken Bowl (white rice, broccoli, and terriyaki chicken)-Lunch
Chicken (chicken and guacamole) Burrito-Dinner
Played Catch with Ryan (running around)-Exercise

Kix- Breakfast
Turkey Burger without Bun (tomato, grilled onions, bbq sauce, lettuce) and Blanched Green Beans- Dinner
Walk to my parents and back

No breakfast (bad, I know)
Ham Sandwich (ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato, tapatio0 and a small bag of Sun Chips-Lunch
Meat and Tomato Thing (FIL making Dinner)- Dinner (I may make something healthy for myself instead)
45 Min Walk-Exercise

I'm feeling good and ready to start doing a WHOLE lot better!!

Miss ya girls!!


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